University of Minnesota Information Assurance Center

Director: Zhi-Li Zhang
Associate Directors: Nicholas Hopper, Yongdae Kim
Advisory Committee: Vipin Kumar, Andrew Odlyzko, Paul Garrett, Mos Kaveh


The UMIAC's mission is to improve information security research and education in the upper midwest region.  Our official charter has been recognized by the Institute of Technology, within the university of Minnesota.  UMIAC faculty are engaged in numerous research and educational activites related to information assurance.

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The university of Minnesota offers several IA "Core courses."  In addition, many other courses include content on information assurance. Brief descriptions of these courses are included below.  Many of these courses have associated web pages.  They can be found by looking through the archive here, or searching for the course number here.

Beginning  in 2005, the computer science department will be offering concentrations in information assurance at the Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. level.  The descriptions of these programs appear in the undergraduate and graduate guidebooks; students may fulfill these concentrations by filing a degree plan consistent with the requirements.

Core IA courses:

Other courses with IA content:

Concentrations in IA